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HV SynthDesign VSTi - Controls


The controls are:

* Breath Pressure: via midilearn you can choose the CC you prefer. Here you can also set a threshold for more or less breath pressure. (note: when you blow soft, you hear a few low harmonics. When you blow hard, you hear much more high harmonics, while the sound became much louder In fact, blowing hard on a trumpet, causes distortion in the air column, and indeed when you add distortion to any audio signal you increase the high harmonics.
* Attack for ‘blowing’ explosive attacks,
* Player Lips. Sometimes the lips are audible, a kind of short thrill. Trumpet players have told me that this has to do with imperfect blowing. Jazz players however make often use of this imperfection, to get a more aggressive tone. There are two knobs: Amount (midilearn) and duration of the lip thrill,
* Instability (long notes have always some instability),
* Attack noise: this also causes some instability when you play long notes,
* Flutter Tongue - this is done with a rapid up and down movement of the tongue (midilearn),
* Portamento : you can choose between midilearn and velocity.
* Pistons or slide (selectable),
* Timbre: you can select two timbres or the Harmon mute,
* Note-to-note transition. When the note-to-note transition is audible (legato), then this is also imperfect playing, Pressing a piston, when another one is not released in time. And again jazz players make use of this,
* Damping: with this knob you can alter the bore structure, and so alter the timbre (midilearn),
* 4 stage EQ,
* Low Brass (loudness). With this knob you can add lots of extra harmonics and so also the loudness for low bass instruments,
* Tuning,
* Pitch and amplitude vibrato via aftertouch or midilearn,
* Volume,
* Overblowing has to be done with the Pitch Wheel. Overblowing a trumpet and you start on a C than you hear always the harmonic serie C E G Bb (C) But when you alter the bore (Damping), you get other series and effects

New are the following controls:
* Muting
There are two knobs: Mute1 and Mute2. I can only say: experiment with them!
I have add here also midilearn for creating ‘moving’ mutes,
*Stem for making the famous wah-wah effect on the Harmon mute,
Here here you can select the number of voices . There is also a knob for stereo spread.