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HV SynthDesign VSTi - Demo

Note: all demo’s are made on a Mac, with the PC as external devise, running the stand alone version of Total Brass


After the Lovin' by Berstein/Adams (big Brass Band + mellow Trombone)
Brotherhood of Man by Woody Herman (Big Brass Band)
Ragtime by Joplin? (4 tTrumpets - narrow bore)
Title Unknown by - for me - Unknown Composer,


Authum by Chet Baker (BaladeTrumpet, bit breathy)
Your Own Sweet Way by Chet Baker (Bass Trumpet)
All Blues by Miles Davis (Trumpet with Harmon mute)
Cheese by - for me - unknown composer (Contrabass Trombone as a bit slapstick instrument)
Decoy by Miles Davis (Trumpet with Harmon mute)
Night in Tunesia by Dizzy Gillespie (Jazz trumpet)
Break Down by H.Visser (Trumpet, slapped bass, piano, drums - composed with the grammar based CAC program Bol Processor 2)

Donna Lee by Parker on Tbone


Concerto for Horn by Mozart
Concerto for Piccolo Trumpets.By Corelli

Modern Classical

Waves by H. Visser (Piano, Trombone - composed with the grammar based CAC program Bol Processor 2
Shapes by H.Visser (Piano, Trumpet- also composed with the Bol Processsor 2

Breath Controller

mpro for Trumpet. by Tony Ostinato

NEW: mutes

Misty by Erroll Garner (Harmon mute + wah wah)

Take the A train by Billy Strayhorn (cup mute)

Donna Lee by Charlie Parker (starting with straight mute followed by 'moving' mutes)